Workplace Emergency Response Training

Workplace Emergency Response Training

3Ci Global Solutions Team will work through the following steps with your Emergency Response Team:

    • Determine the aims of the training program.

    • Mapping within the industry training requirements.

    • Develop a training program.

    • Implement the training program, assessment and training plans.

Aims of the Training Program

After considering the current situation of the Emergency Response Team, 3Ci Global Solutions Team can develop and implement a training program to:

    • Provide staff with recognition of their current skills.

    • Build on current skills to a level of performance required by the Emergency Response Team.

    • Provide training that is relevant to the Emergency Response Team, that is cost-effective and is minimally disruptive to the operation of the company.

    • Enable workers to maintain and upgrade their skills as new methods and technologies are introduced into the industry.

    • Provide new employees with a clear training structure.

    • Improve the overall performance of the Emergency Response Team and its relationship with the local community.

Mapping within your Countries Industrial Training Requirements

3Ci Global Solutions Team can observe the Emergency Response Team and supervisors, using job descriptions, standard work procedures, all types of OHS&W and quality assurance requirements, and the Public Safety Training Package to map the following:

    • Skills and tasks required in the workplace compared to the fire industry competency standards.

    • Job classifications matched to the competency standards and qualification levels in the Training Package.

As a result of the mapping exercise, the following may be identified:

    • Redefined job roles and classifications: many employees may be working within a narrow range of tasks which limited their job satisfaction and productivity. By redefining job roles and classifications this would allow for multi-skilling and the number (not levels) of job classifications to be reduced.

    • Competency standards and qualifications required for each job classification.

    • Gaps between the skills required at the Emergency Response Team and those described in the competency standards.