Strategic Consultancy Advisory Services

Strategic Consultancy Advisory Services

A smart leader and his/her management team are always ready to act. Whether taking advantage of the latest business opportunities or responding to an unforeseen crisis, 3Ci Global Solutions navigates organizations through the unpredictable nature of today’s marketplace and political environment. Building on the experience Building on 3Ci Global Solutions team vast experience of than more than 90 years of leadership and experience in the field of public security and safety, including many years as principal managers and heads of major projects and departments both nationally and internationally, the team have unrivaled experience and hands-on knowledge in crisis management and partnership development. This expertise enables 3Ci Global Solutions team to safeguard an organization’s reputation before, during and after any crisis or disaster. Cutting-Edge Innovation with Technology

Cutting-Edge Innovation with Technology

The 3Ci Global Solutions team is widely recognized for inventing, designing and building their unique IT total risk management solution titled: The iCOM Informatics™ Solution. They have designed and integrated the easy to use but highly effective 6R Phase© approach to crisis, fire, security and disaster management into all aspects of their business and it is an integral element of iCOM Informatics™ Solution. Our unique experiences and open platform solutions allow us to conduct effective outreach and communicate to all levels of business, industry, government–local, regional, state and national bodies.

Developing Efficient Partnerships between all Stakeholders

3Ci Global Solutions believes that strategic partnership development is the key element of any organization’s success. Organizations often do not identify or take advantage of building the mutually-beneficial partnerships necessary to achieve their goals. The Team members at 3Ci Global Solutions have impressive success, throughout the business, industry, public and private sectors, building teams and coalitions that others have neither imagined nor thought possible. Our bottom up-top down approach brings the capability to build broad effective teams, coalitions amongst all stakeholders, bridging the gap between all levels of government and industries and local communities.

Providing Confidential Strategic Counsel

By 3Ci Global Solutions providing strategic counsel to leaders in public and private industries of all sizes, we help to pre-empt problems before they develop and identify new opportunities where others may not. Our global experience provides companies with the knowledge and techniques necessary to predict and prevent crises before they occur.

Emergency Education and Training

The 3Ci Global Solutions Emergency Education and Training Team has specific, extensive experience working with dozens of businesses, agencies, hospitals, airports, chemical, nuclear, fire, police, colleges and universities in all phases of crisis management, IT, public safety, fire, security, and business continuity. We understand that the bottom line of every comprehensive emergency management program is to protect lives, keep businesses and industry operating, minimize damage, and provide a process and structure so that the organization can continue or resume its administrative operations and programs as quickly as possible in a disaster.

Public Relations and Political Lobbying

3Ci Global Solutions creates and implements strategic communications plans to influence public opinion, and reach key internal and external audiences. We open lines of communication between diverse organizations through targeted media outreach, grassroots coalitions and effective partnership development.