Response Services

Response Services

We provide a full range of advisory services to help our clients develop effective strategies for crisis management, which ranges from organizational preparedness to prevention, response and recovery planning, including detailed plans for a number of potential crises, such as terrorist incidents, kidnapping, and health pandemics, among others.


3Ci Global Solutions is intimately involved in supporting its clients to implement their crisis management strategy, which involves exercising, provision of specific threat and risk assessments, and logistical support such as medical, training, security protection, asset and people tracking, and evacuation. Our rapid response capabilities have been tested in a range of crises, both natural and man made.


3Ci Global Solutions therefore provides its clients with a full suite of services to help make their response to crisis and disaster events more efficient and effective.  Our team of crisis and disaster experts can provide personnel to augment existing organizations, or provide turn-key response capability, depending on individual or event circumstances or needs.  We bring personnel who have extensive experience in crisis and disaster response internationally, allowing us to provide not only services, but also iCOM Informatics™ Solution technology strategic advice, support and analysis to improve decision-making in real-time.


3Ci Global Solutions’ trained and experienced personnel can be rapidly mobilized, and arrive on-site fully trained and compliant with all aspects of Incident management, e.g. Incident Command System (ICS), allowing them to integrate seamlessly into your existing organization and get to work immediately.  Our staff can also leverage their extensive knowledge of international disaster programs to ensure that your response operations are properly documented to ensure accountability and to maximize your ability to obtain reimbursement for potentially eligible costs, where appropriate, and to facilitate transition from response operations to recovery implementation.

Response Services:

    • Preparing and enacting Standard Operational Procedures

    • Customizing iCOM Informatics™ Solution technology for client specific risks

    • Personnel  Augmentation

    • Supporting Corporate Crisis Management

    • Logistics Management and Planning

    • Resource Identification and Mobilization

    • Operations Support

    • Information and Planning

    • GIS/ Data Analysis

    • Finance and Administration

    • Event and Effort Documentation

    • After-Action Analyses and Evaluations

    • Real-incident time Security Assessments

    • Complying response period organizational learning assessments