Recovery Services

Recovery Services

Recovery is highly complex, often taking months or years to implement, and straining existing staffing and resources.  3Ci Global Solutions can help you and your stakeholders organize and plan for recovery, as well as understand what can be expected from and leverage resources from government sources, non-governmental organizations, and other parts of the private sector to achieve results and maximize opportunities.

The 3Ci Global Solutions team brings personnel with extensive experience managing recovery programs and efforts both nationally and internationally, providing your organization with the knowledge and experience necessary to resolve problems and disputes. With our proprietary iCOM Informatics™ Solution technology, it allows you to better manage recovery in a more efficient, effective, and timely manner.  With our assistance, you will be better able to oversee work effort and documentation to maximize reimbursements, support project claims processing, facilitate project reporting, better counter any negligence claims and effectively support appeals and audits.

Recovery Services

    • On-site assistance in the event of a disaster [including manpower and equipment] to help manage recovery operations

    • Expert evaluation and estimation of damages

    • Debris management, operations oversight, and planning

    • Assist with designing and implementing recovery programs, including:

        • Development of appropriate scopes of work to repair or replace damaged facilities and infrastructure

        • Preparation of project scopes of work (“Project Worksheets") and versions

        • Identification and justification for hazard mitigation funding associated with repair projects

        • Insurance resolution so as to maximize total resources provided by insurers and government sources

        • Prepare Hazard analysis and risk assessment

        • Assist in preparing re-housing program development and management

        • Individual Business Assistance program management

        • Ensure compliance environmental and historic preservation requirements

        • Resolution of disputes and preparation of appeals

    • Recovery program design and implementation

    • Long-term recovery planning and organizational management

    • Coordination of recovery programs and resources

    • Project management and oversight, including monitoring of work effort to ensure timely, efficient, and cost-effective completion

    • Prepare and submit documentation and applications for disaster fund support

    • Donations management

    • Forensic accounting services

    • Interim and full time security provision planning

    • Crisis communications to effectively relay important information to employees, stakeholders, the news media and the public