Readiness Services

Readiness Services

3Ci Global Solutions helps ensure that all levels of government, all types of businesses, industry, schools, universities, airports, large Petro-Chemical and Oil complexes, hospitals, etc are fully prepared to meet the challenges of crises and disasters of any kind.  3Ci Global Solutions works with clients to take an all-hazards approach to prepare for a single event or threat with a customized program to ensure an adequate state of readiness.

In today’s world of shrinking budgets and expanding government legislation requirements, 3Ci Global Solutions has the experience and knowledge to provide expert support and assistance to emergency management programs.

3Ci Global Solutions will assist your personnel in the following emergency planning and preparedness areas:

Vulnerability Analysis Reporting

3Ci Global Solutions provides staff highly experienced in emergency management, safety and security, to assess emergency programs, plans and procedures against government mandated requirements and internationally accepted best practices.  This service allows clients to focus efforts on areas of weakness and provide guidance and steps necessary to meet the identified requirements.

Crisis IT and Communications

          • In an emergency, the effectiveness, credibility, and reputation of an organization is at stake – be it a private firm, a university, or a government. As industry-leading emergency management professionals, 3Ci Global Solutions helps organizations use IT and communications to support effective responses to crises. 3Ci Global Solutions helps clients identify response triggers, develop communications and software mechanisms, and provide accurate and effective external communication. We do this by providing several interlocking IT and communications services.

          • Our firm helps clients prepare for effective internal emergency communications, ensuring coordination and information sharing amongst professional responders and policymakers by adopting the unique, 3Ci Global, Ci6 EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT ENGINEERING Methodology and Tool Set.

            • 3Ci Global Solutions is also experienced in designing and configuring emergency notification systems and protocols that provide rapid dissemination of accurate, actionable, real-time information to those directly affected by an incident.

            • Finally, our team of experts have provided their knowledge during national and international emergencies. We provide crisis communications support to clients during disasters. In these, we have deployed innovative methods for managing information and getting it out to affected populations and the broader public, including strategic message development, multi-media approaches, media monitoring, and rapid response.  Our proprietary Ci6 EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT ENGINEERING solution encapsulates all areas of risk and is the total risk management solution.

    Comprehensive Emergency Management Planning

    3Ci Global Solutions has extensive experience in assisting in development and updating emergency plans and standard operating procedures.  Our staff has decades of experience in state and local police, fire and emergency management and are intimately familiar with all phases of emergency management.

    We provide clients with the knowledge and support they need to develop and refine plans and procedures that are compliant with the US National Response Framework,  National Incident Management System and the UK Gold, Silver and Bronze and ICS command structures and guidance.

    Business Continuity of Operations

    Business Continuity of Operations planning is a process vital to ensuring that essential functions and services are continued with minimal or no disruption and that government is maintained throughout any type of disaster.  3Ci Global Solutions has been on the ground with government agencies during and after disasters and has comprehensive knowledge of the challenges that governments, businesses and communities will face.  3Ci Global Solutions will assist with identification of essential functions and services, critical staff and resources, vital records and database requirements, and in planning for resumption of critical functions on site or at alternate facilities.