Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Risk Assessments

In many countries around the world, for example, in the United Kingdom (UK), Fire Legislation changed, no longer do UK fire authorities visit premises and issue fire certificates, the fire authority (Fire Brigades/Departments) role is now to act as a policing role. They now visit commerce, retail and other businesses to ensure they have a fire risk assessment in place for their business.

A now common international requirement is that, a fire risk assessment must be carried out on all workplace premises. Any work place premises that employ 5 people or more must have a written fire risk assessment which must be an ongoing document which must also be audited at regular intervals.

A Fire Risk Assessment must include the following:

  • It should highlight the premise details and construction.
  • It must include who is at risk, including disabled and young persons.
  • It must include ignition sources and combustible materials.
  • It must include fire routines and means of escape.
  • It should inform of significant findings and actions to reduce the risk.
  • In some cases a fire plan of the building will be required.
  • It should make recommendations for upgrading or additional fire provisions.
  • It should include a fire safety management policy, including staff fire safety training.
  • It must be audited annually or at other regular intervals as may be necessary.

The fire risk assessment must be carried out by a competent person with responsibility for fire safety.

3Ci Global Solutions offer highly specialist fire and risk assessors who undertake practical on site full and comprehensive fire risk assessments which cover the following areas:

  • Management and building overview
  • Identify who is at risk (including disabled, young persons and visitors)
  • Identify significant findings, ignition source and digital photographs of identified significant findings
  • Recommend control measures and actions to follow to reduce risks to life and property
  • Review means of escape and fire routines and make recommendations to upgrade or increase existing fire provisions
  • Review fire safety management policies
  • Provide fire plans or upgrade existing fire plans where required.

“Even if your location (country) base is not covered by similar legislation, it is seen by the courts as ‘best practice’ for those who undertake such a responsible, vital and often life saving assessments of their business and organizations. Making lives safer makes good business sense.”

A Common Question Asked: How Long Will It Take To Carry Out a Fire Risk Assessment? Answer:


1. A fire risk assessment can take anything from two hours to a number of days to complete depending on the size and complexity of the building along with other factors, for example the use and process of the building and the type of occupancy.

2. At the conclusion of the initial survey a report is produced along with a log book for internal ongoing audit by your own competent staff responsible for fire safety.

3. On hand over of the fire risk assessment and log book we will give full consultation to the person responsible for company fire safety.

4. We also offer full back up at any time regarding any fire safety matter.