Fire Engineering - Design, Commissioning and Certification

Design, Commissioning and Certification

3Ci Global Solutions provide a full range of assessments, or advice on large and complex buildings and design on a new project or any existing complex or facility. We bring an individual approach, balancing our specialist knowledge and understanding of major risks combined with the commercial advantages and financial realities, to deliver the best possible conformant solution.


We adopt a risk based approach, employing performance-based fire engineering techniques to drive our designs. We apply fire engineering principles based on the BS 7974 and other international NFPA associated documents.


The historical nature of some buildings present a number of challenges; however 3Ci Global Solutions is experienced in creating practical and  appropriate solutions for any size, or nature of complex buildings, regardless of age.


3Ci Global Solutions also offer third party commissioning and certification in accordance with the standards the system has been installed to. With input from our Consultancy personnel we can also offer advice and certification to standards for both Fire Detection and Fire Suppression installations.


3Ci Global Solutions understand the critical needs of large complex situations. We have extensive experience in the development of complex building design and the benefits of fire and evacuation modeling. This has become increasingly important to establish cost effective fire solutions that will comply with fire safety legislation and meet the client’s own design objectives.


At the outset of any project we engage all those relevant stakeholders and agree the acceptance criteria to be modeled for both fire and evacuation simulations. Our technical reports are written to assist architects, internal and external designers and facilitate them to deliver an optimum design to be presented to the regulatory authorities for legislative approval.

Overview of FIRE Related Services

3Ci Global Solutions delivers specialist emergency management, fire engineering and risk management services. We deliver custom-made, innovative solutions that protect our clients’ businesses, assets and operation, helping them to safeguard the lives and wellbeing of their employees and visitors.


We are independent of any appliance and equipment suppliers, IT system vendors and therefore provide an unbiased, most economical and finest suited legally compliant solution.


Our clients have major responsibilities for large numbers of people, as well as an extremely low tolerance of disruption of their normal day to day operations. We know that any interruption to their business has significant knock-on consequences. We therefore provide our services, quickly, professionally and with the aim of working quietly in the back ground so our clients can continue to operate as near normal as possible.

Key Points of Fire Related Services

Specialist Fire Engineering Services


      • 24/7/365 emergency support within two hours of a call

      • Surveys of all types of fire detection and protection system

      • Design, installation, commissioning and certification

      • System proving, development, modification and routine maintenance
      • Fire brigade assessment
      • Confined space rescue services assessment


Specialist Fire Safety Consultancy


      • Undertake Secure, Fire Risk Assessments

      • Advice on the application of current and proposed Fire Safety requirements

      • Development of tailored, cost effective strategic fire related matters

      • Design and engineering of fire detection, voice alarm and protection systems

      • Fire and evacuation modeling – with both 2D and 3D visualizations

      • Managed stakeholder consultation, contract management and training


Risk Management Specialist Support Services


      • Risk assessment – providing quantitative and qualitative assessment methods

      • Risk management – providing clear assessment and reports on how these impacts can be controlled

      • Providing unambiguous management and other risk-based Business Continuity (BS 25999 Standards) management systems

      • Expert security and emergency planning and crisis response linked into the 3Ci Global Solutions “Ci6 Emergency Management Engineering ” System