Develop a Training Program

Develop a Training Program

Who and what is involved and presents the training?

  • 3Ci Global Solutions Team are highly qualified and able to deliver the training
  • We create Public Safety Training Packages
  • 3Ci Global Solutions understand specific competencies for the Chemical, Hydrocarbons and Oil Refining Training needs.
  • Mine Emergency Response. Other 3Ci Global Solutions Team members may deliver other specialist components of specialist training depending on country of origin requirement standards.
  • The ‘on the job’ training and assessment is undertaken by our highly skilled consultants’.

How is training delivered?


  • Where the Emergency Management have the skilled personnel, equipment and resources, training occurs on the job.
  • Training that cannot be delivered effectively on the job is delivered by the 3Ci Global Solutions Team at an agreed venue with our clients.

What training will be delivered?


The Training Packages can be customised to take account of the specific workplace requirements of the client. 3Ci Global Solutions Team in consultation with the Emergency Management Team can:


  • Add units of competence where appropriate e.g. if the Emergency Response Team purchase or install equipment that was new to them and performed functions that were not included in this Training, an additional unit could be written by 3Ci Global Solutions Team to cover this.
  • Added performance criteria to existing units of competence (e.g. local requirements).
  • Modify skills and assessment logbooks to include information specific to the Emergency Response Team (e.g. specific equipment and standard work practices). Trainees would still be assessed against the requirements set out in the training but this would be done in the context of working at the Emergency Response Team.

Implement the training program

  • Train supervisors and key staff from each department for workplace assessment and training roles.
  • 3Ci Global Solutions consultants assess the current competencies of workers and identify skill gaps.
  • 3Ci Global Solutions develop a training plan for each worker (based on skill gaps), in consultation with employer and the worker.

Each training plan identifies:

  • Current competencies of the worker.
  • Units of competency that the worker needs to achieve.
  • Training to be delivered on the job and off the job.
  • On the job trainers and assessors.
  • Provide dates when a 3Ci Global Solutions consultant will visit and verify assessment.
  • Off the job training dates and venues.
  • Each day of class includes support and project consultation with Platinum Guardian Coaches
  • Includes up to 4 hours of remote support by email/phone for up to 6 months after training or project completion; whichever occurs first
  • Certificate issued after successful completion of the course


Commence training both on and off the job with 3Ci Global Solutions Team providing:

  • Off the job training as required.
  • Mentor support for on the job trainers and assessors.
  • Learner resources.
  • Validation of workplace assessment.


For more information please see web page: ‘Contact Us’ for making your enquiry directly with us. Thank you.