Ci6 accredited, competent emergency personnel are titled: ‘Guardians’

There are 4 different Tiers of Ci6 Guardians: Gold Guardian, Silver Guardian, Bronze Guardian and Platinum Coach Guardian:

Silver Guardians:

  • Aligned with the Gold Guardians to offer support and provide project advice.
  • Those who will advise and instruct Silver and Bronze Guardians.
  • Emergency managers with widespread management knowledge.
  • Masters of Ci6 Methodologies with experience and responsibility for designing Emergency Planning and Response procedures, etc.
  • Individuals with an advanced understanding of the Ci6 tools and processes involved.
  • Prospective leaders of a corporation or department.

Time Frames of Instruction

Silver Guardians – receive 4 days of class time which will cover ALL aspects of each individual Tier responsibilities and how to apply all processes of Ci6 needed for improvement. Successful Silver Guardians receive certification of Ci6 recognized attributes of Stewardship and Management of crisis and emergency events.

Classroom Training

The Ci6 Class Scheduled programs are delivered by 3Ci Global Solutions at over 20 locations. In addition, we can provide any program onsite at your location, while including customized options. Our traditional classroom programs are conducted by Platinum Coach Guardians’ with real world experience. The cost of your class includes certification, and valuable mentoring by the Platinum Coach leading your program.

Silver Guardian Training

3Ci Global Solutions offers a two-day Silver Guardian instruction. This specific training provides you with comprehension of the fundamental methodologies utilized within Ci6 Emergency Management Engineering. The Ci6 Silver Guardian training course covers basic improvement procedures and their necessary practical application. In the case of many organizations, the person who has a  Silver Guardian certified training is also an SME or “subject matter expert”. He or she can become a central team member on any Ci6 individual project or multiple projects.

The Ci6 Silver Guardian program allows employees to possess a more profound understanding of emergency management process improvement via Ci6’s unique, process management introduction. Students participating in this class also become familiar with the fundamental tools associated with Ci6. The goal of the Silver Guardian training is to give students the necessary tools required in order to become a valuable player within a company’s larger goals and objectives for managing any crisis or ‘acts of abnormality’.

The Silver Guardian Training also offers the following benefits:

  • Support from the experts at 3Ci Global Solutions Consultants (Platinum Guardians)
  • Training to see a broader picture and higher understanding of daily tasks that can be converted into enhanced quality emergency management policies and procedures.


Silver Guardian graduates contribute to a company by playing a supportive role in the larger Ci6 Emergency Management Process. These individuals gather correct data and allow other Silver Guardians gain knowledge and experience in the emergency event problem-solving process. Everyone’s comprehension of the emergency incident process becomes an integral part of any companies’ or organizations’ improvement methodology. Silver Guardians-certified trained individuals have the job of locating, controlling and watching out for possible monetary loss in any area of the company or organization pre-during and post any emergency incident occurring, and report this kind of information to Gold and Bronze Guardians residing within the company.

The Silver Guardian two day course class times are 8am – 5pm, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Silver classes cover the following information:

  • Comprehending and creating the Emergency SIPOC Diagram
  • Overview of Emergency PREPARED Process Mapping
  • Incident Analysis
  • Critical ‘Emergency Response Team’ Selection Techniques
  • Understanding Ci6 emergency tools
  • Understanding command and control of major incidents
  • Ci6 Press and Media crisis management techniques
  • Developing enhanced emergency policies and procedures.