There are 4 different Tiers of Ci6 Guardians: Gold Guardian, Silver Guardian, Bronze Guardian and Platinum Coach Guardian:

Platinum Coach Guardians:

Platinum Coach Guardian - Platinum Coach Guardian connects senior leadership teams with the change team. They are responsible for rolling out strategic change programs using Ci6 across the organization. Typically, they are managers with the skills and knowledge to support, coach and mentor Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Coach Guardian Tiers.

Time Frames of Instruction

Platinum Coach Guardian – receive two weeks instruction and become a Registered Ci6 Consultant tutor.  That person then becomes Licensed and accredited to administer and teach Ci6 training classes for all aspects of Ci6 Methodology.

This License is initially granted for a period of two years. All the necessary Ci6 teaching packages are supplied and amended and renewed as necessary on an annual basis by Ci6. If a Platinum Coach Guardian wants to extend his or her License for a further 1 year they must complete the 1 day Platinum Coach Guardian refresher course during their last year of accreditation.  Each second year therefore if a Platinum Coach Guardian wants to extend their License by a further 2 years they must attend a one day refresher for maintaining Ci6 accreditation.

Classroom Training

The Ci6 Class Scheduled programs are delivered by 3Ci Global Solutions at over 20 locations. In addition, we can provide any program onsite at your location, while including customized options. Our traditional classroom programs are conducted by Platinum Coach Guardians’ with real world experience. The cost of your class includes certification, and valuable mentoring by the Platinum Coach leading your program.

Platinum Coach Guardian Tier:

This two week Ci6 Emergency Management Engineering training and certification program was created by 3Ci Global Solutions to provide an advanced and focused approach to Ci6 Emergency Management projects and tacit intelligence analysis methods. The program goes beyond all other Guardian skills and incorporates new tools, project management and emergency management teaching techniques.

These techniques cover training regarding the study of the following:

  • Understanding Emergency Response ‘Variation’
  • SIPOC Emergency Policy Analysis
  • Handling emergency incident protracted attribute responses
  • Handling multi-response emergency agencies
  • Maintaining continuity during acts of abnormality
  • Creating critical asset risk intelligence for your company or organization by forming dynamic, Ci6 Critical Asset Registers
  • Effectively assess your current personnel emergency and security management approaches.
  • Create a Ci6 Emergency Management system for your own circumstances including Fire Risk Assessment Strategies
  • Design and build Ci6 integrated response and business continuity procedures
  • Understanding how to clearly to align your Ci6 procedures to manage each different part of a crisis situation to maximum efficiency, e.g. Assessing Risk severity and probability
  • Design and create Ci6 monitoring, auditing and reporting procedures for strategic, corporate management
  • How to build practical and effective over-arching Ci6 risk and crisis management strategies into daily routines
  • Applying cost-effective IT to help you improve your Ci6 Emergency Management structure
  • Create Ci6 emergency management training programs that integrate into Front Line Staff procedures
  • Raising the importance 0f emergency management awareness across all levels of management
  • During emergency situations, how to ensure lessons are rapidly being learned and immediately applied across the business or organization
  • Understanding crucial Health & Safety and other legislative regulations, Fire Risk Assessments, emergency evacuation codes and other legislation applicable to your location.
  • Simple methods in preparing Ci6 security policies and procedures that protect key personnel during critical emergency situations
  • Designing and preparing highly effective Press and Media policies and procedures
  • Building Ci6 policies, procedures and auditing records of fire and security fixed installations and how staff must react during their activation
  • Preparation of Ci6 HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL policies and procedures for highly sensitive issues e.g. Pre-empting fraud, allegations of sexual assaults, etc.
  • Creating extremely VIP special safety and security planning
  • Awareness of past case history of crisis and security and disaster situations and lessons learned


This is all accomplished in a fun but serious and enjoyable atmosphere.