Ci6 accredited, competent emergency personnel are titled: ‘Guardians.’

There are 4 different Tiers of Ci6 Guardians: Gold Guardian, Silver Guardian, Bronze Guardian and Platinum Coach Guardian:

Gold Guardians:

  • Company executives who lead Ci6 by backing projects
  • Individuals who receive instruction regarding the basic principles of Ci6 and its methodology for Gold, Silver and Bronze Tier application.
  • People responsible for choosing employees to be “Guardians” and mentoring project leaders.
  • Those who implement and back the introduction of Ci6 within the firm.

Time Frames of Instruction

Gold Guardians – receive 2 days of instruction that focus on the Ci6 Route Map. This training will include an in-depth look at the various types of hi-profile threats and risks that their organization must be able to counter effectively and the importance of the financial analysis during emergencies. Successful Gold Guardians receive certification of recognized attributes in Leadership and Management of crisis and emergency events.

Classroom Training

The Ci6 Class Scheduled programs are delivered by 3Ci Global Solutions at over 20 locations. In addition, we can provide any program onsite at your location, while including customized options. Our traditional classroom programs are conducted by Platinum Coach Guardians’ with real world experience. The cost of your class includes certification, and valuable mentoring by the Platinum Coach leading your program.

Gold Guardian Tier Instruction

The 2 day Ci6 Gold Guardian program was first offered by 3Ci Global Solutions as a way for executives and senior managers with limited or no prior experience of managing a crisis or emergency incident to pursue a Gold Guardian Tier certification. The first day of training focuses on Bronze, Silver and Platinum topics, while the second day covers Gold Guardian topics and roles. We developed this format so that individuals within the same company could attend the training together. This improves the synergy within the organization, but also allows for more flexibility. If your organization is in the deployment phase, we also provide a variety of supportive ‘onsite’ Ci6 information presentations, specifically geared toward executives and other parties who, during critical times, have a vested interest in ensuring the company or organization survives the event.

The Silver Guardian Training also offers the following benefits:

  • Morning and afternoon snacks are provided each day
  • Lunch will be provided
  • All Ci6 student notes are provided
  • Entertaining, interesting and real-time emergency simulation group exercises
  • Enjoyable and realistic learning environment
  • All course leaders are Platinum Coaches with extensive project knowledge and real world emergency management experience
  • Each day of class includes support and project consultation with Platinum Guardian Coaches
  • Includes up to 4 hours of remote support by email/phone for up to 6 months after training or project completion; whichever occurs first
  • Certificate issued after successful completion of the course