There are 4 different Tiers of Ci6 Guardians: Gold Guardian, Silver Guardian, Bronze Guardian and Platinum Coach Guardian:


            • Individuals who obtain instruction concerning the Ci6 Road Map to improvement
            • Individuals who receive training sessions for Bronze Tier roles and functions that will provide them with an opportunity to progress through his or her role as the skills are learned
            • Individuals who successfully complete all required Ci6 training, exams and a live project.


Time Frames of Instruction

Bronze Guardians – receive 1 day of instruction which outlines the Ci6 methodologies and identifies their specific roles and responsibilities during an emergency situation. Successful Bronze Guardians receive certification of Ci6 recognized attributes of competency during crisis or emergency events.

Classroom Training

The Ci6 Class Scheduled programs are delivered by 3Ci Global Solutions at over 20 locations. In addition, we can provide any program onsite at your location, while including customized options. Our traditional classroom programs are conducted by Platinum Coach Guardians’ with real world experience. The cost of your class includes certification, and valuable mentoring by the Platinum Coach leading your program.

Bronze Guardian Training

The one day agenda includes an overview of Ci6 Emergency Management Engineering, Ci6 project definition, Ci6 deployment and project examples. We normally use this time also to answer most questions people have. The second day we will start using the first tools in the Ci6 PREPARED application phases.

  • Consists of 1 Day of Training –(8am start until 5 pm)
  • Includes Ci6 Training Certification
  • Building a Ci6 infrastructure
  • Ci6 Goals and techniques
  • Creating a Ci6 team culture
  • Selecting and tracking Ci6 improvement projects
  • The keys to Ci6 business and emergency preparedness improvement
  • Ci6 principles of leadership
  • Effective deployment of Ci6 emergency management teams
  • Ci6 PREPARED improvement methodology (Planning, Response, Evaluation, Progression, Assessment, Remodel, Exercise and Distribution)
  • Conducted by a Platinum Guardian Coach with real world experience