Welcome to Ci6

Ci6 is a unique, reverse engineering methodology used to improve emergency planning business processes by utilizing tacit intelligence rather than guesswork. This approach is implemented to achieve business survival during acts of abnormality whilst simultaneously making hard and soft money savings, while increasing your customer satisfaction.

Businesses or organizations which embark upon Ci6’s journey learn how to disassemble, examine and analyze in detail every aspect of what is required to make their business fully systematic and powerful during any size or type of crisis or emergency occurring. The process also finds the most cost-effective way through a complicated conundrum and fully equips them to appreciate any new found challenges will be easier to manage than they fear. Ci6 teaches how to solve codes that will open a door to a more well-planned, streamlined and secure way of keeping businesses and organizations fully working during critical times while safeguarding a more meaningful and profitable future.

Ci6 techniques provide certification and consulting services to assist businesses and organizations with all aspects of the implementation process. This includes determining the right Ci6 tiers for individual training and how to prioritise identified risks into practical corrective objectives.

The Ci6 methodology is defined by 8 PREPARED steps.

PREPARED is the Ci6 acronym for: Planning, Response, Evaluation, Progression, Assessment, Remodelling, Exercising, Distribution. Once applied this results in more predictable and profitable emergency business processes.

Ci6 Emergency Management methods, tools and techniques are vital to the success of any Ci6 project. Every stage of a Ci6 project recipe requires a mix of these methods, tools and techniques. What does all this simply mean? Method is a way of doing emergency planning in a systematic way. Here the word "systematic" implies an orderly logical sequence of critical steps or tasks. A tool provides a mechanical or mental advantage in accomplishing an emergency task. A technique is a specific Ci6 approach to efficiently accomplish an emergency task in a manner that may not be immediately obvious. Within Ci6 instruction these tools, methods and techniques make emergency management easier to apply at all levels of the organization.

Ci6 Training and Certification Classes

3Ci Global Solutions offers several options for Ci6 Training and Certification Classes, including options for beginners.

Ci6 training certification classes are the perfect option for any business or organization. We begin with the basics of Ci6 methodology, progressing through the Ci6 PREPARE Route map teaching. We teach students how to apply practical concepts as the courses proceed.

3Ci Global Solutions is the only accredited Ci6 Training Certification providers to offer the first two courses of the Bronze and Silver Guardian courses together. This 2+2 format allows for Bronze and Silver Guardians to attend training together, thus improving internal synergy while providing greater organizational flexibility.  

In addition, we provide the Platinum Coach Tier Guardian course. This means an individual can start with our Bronze certified course and progress immediately through to Silver Guardian Tier and then directly onto the ‘Platinum Coach Guardian’ Tier. All Our instructors are qualified as ‘Platinum Coach Tier Guardians and accredited to instruct ALL Guardian Tiers with real world experience, focusing on real world scenarios, and teaching students top skills that can be used on the job.

Receive Ci6 Training and Certification via classroom, blended, onsite, online, and live webinar programs.


  • Our consultant Platinum Guardians and mentors typically bring 20 to 40 years of real world, hands-on experience of implementing many Ci6 Emergency Management policies and procedures

  • We’ve worked around the world in many different industries

  • We understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach to Ci6 Emergency Management Engineering solutions

  • We offer flexible, modular programs

  • We can be creative to work with you on the best Ci6 custom solution for your business

  • We offer credible emergency management training with a practical focus

  • We provide you with detailed, high quality handout materials for future reference

  • We keep our overheads low to keep your costs down

You have numerous options for emergency management consulting, and it can be confusing. While there are other good consulting companies out there (along with a lot of poor ones), we believe that with Ci6’s unique methodologies and tools we have designed a highly effective balanced emergency management business model which can bring you the best results.

3Ci Global- Excellent Ci6 Platinum Guardian Coach Quality

At 3Ci Global Solutions we emphasize the quality of our Ci6 Platinum Guardian instructors. The major difference between other training emergency management training programs is none integrate each level of a company or organization’s management structure. They are work in ‘silos’ and not fully integrated into creating a ‘Top-to- Bottom’ safe and efficient emergency management culture. Ci6 Emergency Management Engineering solution provides that model to its clients. Combine this with the instructor’s experience and ability to relate that knowledge to you in real world situations and you are one step closer to achieving Ci6 ‘ total ‘emergency management engineered protection.

Practical Credible Ci6 Programs

The whole point of implementing Ci6 Emergency Management Engineering system is to enhance your organization’s ability to continue functioning as normal as practically possible while riding out any storm striking your business. Our programs emphasize a practical approach geared to delivering those real world results. 

To achieve our certifications one must demonstrate an ability to apply the Ci6 techniques covered in the training. Our ci6 certification programs include (at no extra cost) access to your (3Ci Global), Platinum Guardian Coach after the training to help you smoothly guide through those periods of transition.

Training in the Ci6 Emergency Management Engineering system will support your employees in being able to more safely carry out their roles during any form of emergency or unusual situation. It will ensure your emergency management culture is robust and resilient throughout your organization and will start making your business stronger whenever misfortune strikes.

Finally, Ci6 will help you increase your chances of survival and return to normality quicker than many of your competitors and it could be the primary factor that keeps you in business...where others may fail.