The 7 Global Sectors We Serve

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The 7 Global Sectors We Serve

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The 7 Global Sectors We Serve

3Ci Global Solutions serves a diverse client base including multinational corporations, governments, non-governmental organizations and private individuals.  3Ci Global Solutions experience and specialist understanding of our clients’ business helps us to identify key vulnerabilities and mitigate the risks they face without raising their profile or attracting attention.  3Ci Global Solutions role is that of facilitator, allowing its clients to focus on achieving their objectives in any situation.

1. All Government Bodies, Non-Government and not for profit National and International Organizations Sector

3Ci Global Solutions supports international governments, non-government and not for profit international organizations by advising them on critical infrastructure and politically sensitive policies, etc. Our team has extensive high level expertise in public group administrations, particularly in the fire and security sectors and crisis management. 3Ci Global Solutions principal consultants have produced understandable and insightful solutions to national and international problems of public policy, government safety and security and the cost-effective and economic use of restricted resources. 3Ci Global Solutions uses highly reliable leading project management methodologies to ensure that all of its solutions are delivered in an appropriate and well-organized manner.

2. Architects, Construction and Civil Engineering Sector

3Ci Global Solutions serves clients such as Architects, Construction and Civil Engineering professionals both as a provider and a partner.  We support our clients with high security specialist advisors for projects in hostile or high risk environments; this encapsulates all aspects of hazards, threats and physical exposures. We also partner with construction companies on major projects where our Fire Systems Design & Integration group provides integrated fire, crisis, security and disaster management solutions for petro-chemical, oil and gas complexes including off-shore Oil rig safety.

3. Assurance, Insurance and Financial Services Sector

3Ci Global Solutions works closely with assurance, insurance and financial services sector and other major investors to develop unique solutions to measure heir physical risks in emerging or volatile environments. 3Ci Global Solutions comprehensive experience and insight of these threat and hazard areas enables it to provide advice at every phase. 3Ci Global Solutions helps clients to develop bespoke strategies and systems to quantify and mitigate the risks they face using both quantitative and qualitative information. 3Ci Global Solutions services enable clients to operate profitably in sensitive and threatening environments, safe in the knowledge that their critical assets are safe and secure.

4. Petro-Chemical, Oil, Gas and Industrial Sector

3Ci Global Solutions has excellent experience of managing the plethora of problems, hazards and threats that the Petro-Chemical, Oil and Gas, heavy industrial industries face on a daily basis.  Successfully managing highly sensitive social, political and environmental groups requires a real and deep understanding of their natural concerns. It requires excellent, transparent safety and risk mitigation policies and procedures that people can really take ownership. It also needs to build responsible trust in some of the world’s most unstable countries. 3Ci Global Solutions vast experience and understanding of the safety and security threats companies face, ensures businesses keep on track by guiding them to legally comply with the ‘Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights’ in all levels of its work for the industry globally.

5. Facility Management and Real Estate Sector

      • Transportation infrastructure projects, rail, sea, airport terminals and major river crossings

      • Aviation, rail and marine security projects

      • Multi-complex retail developments

      • Major commercial and government offices

      • Corporate headquarter buildings

      • Critical financial services buildings

      • Data holding centers

      • Multiplex cinemas

      • International hotel groups

      • Stadiums

      • Theatres

      • Iconic structures, e.g. castles, palaces, stately homes, etc

      • Galleries

      • High risk industrial developments

      • Hospitals

      • Universities, schools, colleges

      • Research facilities

      • Major leisure and sporting facilities

      • Places of Worship

      • Business and mixed industrial development estates.

6. Major Leisure Complexes, Stadiums and Sporting Popular Event Sector

Global sports events are increasingly under threat from groups anxious to raise their profile for their own political and criminal ends. 3Ci Global Solutions has developed a specialist system to support and assist event planners dealing with difficult issues such as how to ensure onsite safety from fire or accidents during construction through to managing mass queues and eliminating ticket fraud at the competition to ensuring the safety and security of competitors, spectators, officials and world media.

7. Critical Transportation Protection Sector

Air, Rail, Road and Sea

Within the 21st century ‘global village’ any nation’s critical transportation infrastructures are highly dependent, both physically and through international information and communications technologies. Extreme events such as the BP oil pipe leak that cut BP shares in half. This demonstrated that what happens to one infrastructure can directly and indirectly affect other similar infrastructures, impact large geographic regions and send ripples throughout the national and global economy. 3Ci Global Solutions provides assistance to transportation and utility companies in designing, planning for  and implementing holistic physical and enterprise security solutions comprising perimeter protection, area wide intelligent visual surveillance systems, vehicle tracking and monitoring, biometrics and access control systems and national command and control centers as well as operational training.