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Geoffrey Williams


President/CEO – QFSM,ChFl,CIETecRI,MIFireE


Mr. Geoffrey Williams retired as the D.Chief Fire Officer after 30 years Operational Service. He has operational experience in 3 Fire and Rescue Services in all ranks up to his last position of Principal Officer within the Central Scotland Fire and Rescue Service, Scotland UK.

He is now a much sought after international technical operational consultant advisor on all aspects of, New Dimension, 21st Century Terrorism, Crisis and Disaster Management issues for numerous international organizations and companies. During his service he was involved in numerous major and catastrophic incidents both nationally and internationally where structures, and infrastructures were partially or total collapsed as a result of natural and terrorist causes. This has been at every level of management response from tactical operations to strategic, counter-terrorism command level.

He designed the computer software: "International Executive Command Logic Critical Crisis IT Tool for combating terrorism and supporting disaster management teams” and the latest Inter-Centric Operations Softwares titled:- iCOM Informatics™ Solution and the i-COP™ Common Operational Platform system. A visiting lecture Professor on his unique counter-terrorism, crisis and disaster management systems at numerous Universities, Colleges and Academies throughout the world; e.g. Missouri State University, USA, A&M University, Texas USA, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK, South Florida University, USA. Bordeaux University, France and the Fire Service College, UK, etc. Because of his contributions to improving global counter-terrorism urban search and rescues, crisis and disaster management within the USA, in 1992 he was awarded the Californian State Fire Marshal Certificate of Appreciation. In 2004 was awarded the Queens Fire Service Medal (QFSM) for his outstanding personal contribution to improving the fight against countering terrorism by vastly improving crisis and disaster management procedures for all emergency agencies.

He taught in South Africa as part of their anti-terrorist, disaster and crisis management programmes leading up to the Soccer World Cup competition in 2010. He has also presented at the International Aviation Fire Protection Association World Conference in Toronto, Canada, INTERSEC in Dubai and presented papers and classes at a plethora of different conferences, seminars on counter-terrorism and disaster related subjects world-wide. In 1996 he became the counter-terrorism, crisis and disaster management Independent Advisory Panel member for the internationally based Dow Chemicals, Inc USA.

His innovative management developments and unique presentation techniques were first recognized in 1992, when he was awarded the prestigious Winston Churchill Fellowship for his outstanding research and development initiatives into improving the areas of counter-terrorism procedures and crisis and disaster management. This resulted in him working ‘operationally’ in the USA with many leading US Fire and Police Departments, e.g. New York Fire Department, Denver, Phoenix to name a few and also all of FEMA’s (Federal Emergency Management Agency) disaster response teams in establishing the US and UK Urban Search and Rescue disaster methodologies.

A distinguished, qualified Member of the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) he was awarded Distinction and the Ramsey Award and Godiva Award for the highest global pass marks in the Institution's Fire Engineering Degree Members Examinations of 1992. He is also a Commander grade Member of the International Emergency Technical Response Institute (CIETecRI) and was awarded an NBA as part of the iETRI Fire Engineering Degree Programme for counter-terrorism -(Nuclear, Biological Attack Assessor).

In 1995 he was seconded to work with the Emergency Services Bureau of the Australian Capital Territories Government in Australia and personally develop their first national counter-terrorism awareness and disaster USAR response to the training standards that he had designed and developed.  In 1997 and 1998 he returned to teach Australian Executive Command Level (ECL) Officers in his then new Catastrophic Incident Command Management system.  This work culminated in the establishing of the Urban Search and Rescue Association of Australasia (USARAA) Mr. Williams is now their European Advisory Board Member. He was also responsible for preparing the 2005 G8 World Leaders Summit and the Central Scotland Fire and Rescue Services response to countering the major terrorist threat that this major event entailed. He is now the lead consultant in the new Border Security Research Alliance between 3Ci Global Solutions and the Texas Border Patrol in the USA. His system approach to his theory -‘Harsh Context Visualization’ is now shared between these two organizations and A&M Disaster City, University. He is actively developing and configuring his counter-terrorism approach to vastly improve the preparedness and response for the Oil Industry. This involves including the many different Oil & Gas complexes, located on land and sea, globally.

He has written many articles for professional international journals and presented technical papers at numerous conferences and personally conducted training courses, seminars and workshops both nationally and internationally on this and other counter-terrorism, crisis, business continuity and other emergency and disaster related management themes. He has been a much sought after expert by Press and Media to give unbiased professional interviews on current news worthy global crises, terrorist attacks and all types of disaster situations.

He is the author of papers, books, thematic reports and interactive CD’s on his specialist subject, and member of many organizations advisory committees; although not exhaustive this list includes:

  • Incident Command and Training For Collapsed Structures and Heavy and Tactical Rescues
  • Urban Structural Collapse Emergency Management during Terrorist Attacks
  • The Turkey Earthquake Real Time Thematic Review
  • The 6 Powers of Extremely Effective Collapse Rescue
  • Integrated Risk Management Planning for Community Disaster
  • iETRI TAURUS Report (Terrorist Attacks- Urban Rescue in Underground Systems
  • Preventing Corporate Crisis Free Fall
  • The 6 R’s for Countering Terrorism and Managing Crises and Disaster situations
  • Integrated Personal Development Systems for Business Continuity Managers
  • Inter-Centric Operations- the 21st Century Approach to Managing Terrorist Attacks, Crises and Disasters
  • President - 3Ci Global Solutions UK Ltd
  • Chief Counter Terrorism, Disaster and Crisis Management Officer of 3Ci Global Solutions LLC, USA
  • President of the International Emergency Technical Response Institute - (iETRI)
  • International Joint Executive Board Member of the National Institute for Urban Search and Rescue (USA)
  • Technical Advisory Board Member of the Law Enforcement and Fire and Emergency Training Network (LETN & FETN)-USA
  • Technical Consultant for A&M University Texas, USA Computer Robotics Assisted Search and Rescue International Rapid Disaster Reconnaissance Team
  • 2006 Counter Terrorism, Crisis and Disaster Management Independent Advisory Panel Member for DOW Chemicals Inc, USA.

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