Director of Marketing and Sales

CMTV, (3Ci Global Solutions Ltd.), is very pleased to have Melissa Frey as our Director of Marketing and Sales for all initiatives throughout the world.

Melissa graduated from California State University, Monterey Bay, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She concentrated her studies in marketing and has over 10 years of experience working in the hospitality industry. In addition to her hospitality experience, she worked for a biotech company that developed molecular testing to aide oncologists and patients in combating cancer. Her experience in such diverse industries, has strengthened her strategic approach to all marketing efforts, and reinforced the importance to always be thinking like a customer.

Melissa is passionate about results-driven marketing and loves a creative challenge. She enjoys the evolving world of social media, establishing strong customer relations and developing a variety of content for multi-channel marketing. Melissa currently resides in sunny San Diego with her husband and family. In her free time, she enjoys days at the beach, hiking, cooking, traveling and working on building her jewelry business, Tres Designs, which she shares with her mother.

Should you have general marketing or sales inquiries, or have an interest in sponsor and/or advertising opportunities, Melissa can be contacted at: