Corporate Support Services

Laura Ballantyne is a graduate of Kwantlen University, in British Columbia, Canada with a Diploma in Public Safety and Communications. She worked for a number of years with the police department in the Langley/Vancouver operations centers. In 2012, her education and interest in Incident Command and Emergency Planning led her to a new career within 3Ci Global Solutions Total Risk Management Consultancy as their voluntary Canadian Regional Manager. A recognized ‘specialist’ author on many different aspects of public safety she has had numerous articles published regarding many different facets of public safety and awareness. She has been involved in all aspects of CMTV filming and production plus editing and also acts as lead host for different shows on CMTV Coast to Mountain Television. 

In 2014 her hard work was recognized when she was appointed to become a CMTV Director (voluntary) of the networks Corporate Support Services. Her extra special skills in Social Media and Film Editing have made her a valuable asset to the company and although disabled, she uses her personal experiences to improve the lives of many similar people with special needs through her own CMTV show production titled: ‘Transitions’. 

Laura strives to create innovative CMTV films that address every aspect of difficult and sensitive issues but presents them in a light hearted but serious undertone manner which adds sweetness to adversity for her many CMTV followers.