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International Business Consultancy and Corporate Services Overview


3Ci Global Solutions Consultants pride ourselves on our ability to offer expert advice on the areas of the globe that we operate in. This covers not only crisis and security advice but the whole range of politics, economic, social and business development affairs. Our people are based in the countries that they are operating in, and can offer the highest level of support, local knowledge and absolute professionalism in everything that they do. We ensure we are a business growth consultancy which ensures all our policies and procedures are aimed at not only protecting businesses and organizations but encouraging growth by increasing the sustainability of companies while adding real value to their assts.


3Ci Global Solutions Consultants has developed strong relationships with commercial organizations, academic and research institutions and government and NGO bodies in all of the regions that we are involved in. Many organizations use us in order to make introductions at the highest levels of corporate and government bodies, please feel free to talk to us, in absolute confidence, about the ways in which our capabilities can be of service to you.


3Ci Global Solutions is uniquely positioned to bring together policy architects, fire engineers and technical experts in public security and safety, with leaders from all levels of government and private sector partners to forge solutions to emergency management challenges.


Our team includes seasoned crisis, security, fire and emergency management leaders with significant experience in the public sector to provide consultation on key issues of business and public safety and resilience. The team is proficient in the details of all aspects of business continuity, fire preparedness, security and emergency management. We are committed to the responsibility of the profession, and understands how business and government crisis and emergency management work fits together to create a proper robust and resilient organization and integrate into a larger political and social climate.