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Capability Statement

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Capability Statement


    • Provide rapid delivery of excellent crisis strategies and knowledge products for controlling business continuity, reputation, financial and legal liability issues.

    • Facilitate, support, and advise global and regional crisis management and business continuity planning.

    • We research, identify, develop, share and apply global best practices.

    • Provide professional advice on the strategic management of emergencies, security and emergency response including:

      A. Provide and customize to our clients’ requirements our proprietary crisis support software’s.

      B. Design and build communication and fusion centers

    • Design and develop communications protocols, procedures and crisis communications advice.  Preparation of spokespersons, internal call centers, communications and people support teams. We are a growth enabling consultancy where people and technology are our key products.

    • Exercises and high fidelity simulations. Our Crisis Practitioners and Continuity Planners operate globally.


    • Emergency and security management planning for saving life, protecting property and minimizing damage to the environment and their hand-off to crisis leaders.

    • Risk management frameworks, safety and security management systems and emergency management on all aspects of safety cases.

    • High-level training of emergency management teams, business continuity teams, support teams, emergency response teams and first responders and in the passing over of strategic issues to crisis leaders.

    • Issue management and the development of outrage mitigation strategies with stakeholders, Utilizing cutting-edge technology for scenario planning for crisis avoidance.

    • Business impact analyses and security threat assessments to inform crisis, Emergency, security and business continuity plans.

    • Risk assessments and advice to inform crisis and issue management and crisis communications across all spectrums of society.


Ci6 Definition of ‘Sustainability’ in the Business sense:

“Business sustainability represents resiliency over time – businesses that can survive shocks because they are intimately connected to efficient emergency management cultures, healthy economic, social and environmental systems. These businesses create economic value and contribute to healthy ecosystems and strong communities even during crisis or disaster situations.”