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About 3Ci Global Solutions

3Ci Global Solutions is managed by a team of internationally recognized world-class experts from crisis, security, fire and rescue, government, the military and business management backgrounds.

The President and CEO of the company is Geoffrey Williams QFSM, ChFl, CIETecRI, MIFireE. Geoff is the founding member of the company

3Ci Global Solutions – Total Risk Management Solutions for a Complex World

The company has an excellent representation and reputation for managing all aspects of crisis, security, fire and disaster situations both in the UK, USA, the ME and India. Under his leadership the company consistently provides ‘quality’, high-end total risk mitigation services to numerous corporations, governmental organizations, non-government organizations, shipping lines, and high-profile individuals throughout the world. The comprehensive services that we have offered range from transversely a wide spectrum of expert consultancy across all spheres of both social and business communities.

We conduct and apply both physical and unique, proprietary IT solutions (iCOM Informatics™) including security, investigations and litigation support to all aspects of crisis, security, fire and disaster management and preparedness subjects. This international expertise allows 3Ci Global Solutions to act as your single source for all aspects of integrated risk solutions that protect lives, business profitability, government, property and all aspects of national and international workings.